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Top 10: Interesting and Funny Facts about Cats

Interesting and Funny Facts about Cats

Cats are amazing creatures, and, to tell you the truth, no one owns a cat, since it is much more correct to say that it is our feline friends who own us, and not vice versa. If it comes to establishing rules, then cats know them perfectly when they force their owners to “circle” around their little fluffy paws. People who are in love with cats are known as “ailurophiles”, they strive to ensure that their feline friends have everything they need to be happy, well-groomed, healthy and even spoiled.

There are many reasons why cats are so popular in almost every country in the world. They are very unusual and at the same time attractive creatures, and when meeting them, their character is very pleasant. The only thing that cats do not like the most is to change their place of residence and their owners, so new owners often have to adapt to their new furry friend. Let’s look at our feline friends from different angles and find out some interesting and funny facts about our pets.

Top 10 Interesting and Funny Facts about Cats (1)
Top 10 Interesting and Funny Facts about Cats (1)

  • A cat can carry one litter of more than one cat.
  • A cat’s normal weight is on average 5 kg, but the heaviest cat ever registered weighed about 20 kg!
  • A cat’s heart beats twice as fast as ours, namely 140 beats per minute.
  • Cats have four toes on their hind legs, but five on their front legs.
  • A large number of cat breeds do not have eyelashes at all
  • Cats are not completely color blind – they see blue, red and green colors.

Cats are incredibly adroit and elegant creatures, and they enjoy many amazing and subtle things. The beauty of these cute creatures also depends on their relationship with their owners. They are very clean animals and, as a rule, dig their stool to hide their tracks. On the other hand, cats mark their territory, and this smell can be some kind of problem, although if the cat was sterilized, it will do so much less. Some more amazing facts about cats:

Top 10 Interesting and Funny Facts about Cats (1)
Top 10 Interesting and Funny Facts about Cats (1)

  • Cats spend about a third of their time caring for themselves.
  • Within 24 hours, their sleep is up to 16 hours
  • The largest registered litter in the amount of 14 kittens belongs to the Persian cat
  • The oldest cat lived 38 years, her name was Puff and she lived in England
    Isaac Newton is believed to have been the first person to invent the door for cats, although no real evidence exists.
  • When a cat died in ancient Egypt, its owners shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning
  • In ancient Egypt, if someone killed a cat, he could be sentenced to death.
  • Even though some breeds are extremely talkative with their owners and other people, cats rarely meow with each other. When they fight, they are very noisy, but they do not meow at each other even when very alarmed. Some more surprising facts:
  • At the age of about a week, kittens begin to dream of adulthood.
  • All kittens have blue eyes immediately after birth, but they change color as they grow older.
  • Some cats successfully use an ordinary toilet, and can even learn to flush after themselves after they have done their job!
  • Cats don’t like mice-flavored food!
  • Cats do not think that they are small people, they see their owners as big cats!
    Beautiful and smart creatures
  • Cats are beautiful and truly smart little creatures, and they know how to get what they want. It’s always nice to watch cats play with any toys we offer them. However, when they play with toys, in reality, they practice their hunting skills!

Interesting and Funny Facts about Cats
Interesting and Funny Facts about Cats

Some fun facts about cats:

Cats do not eat sweets.
Cats, unlike cats, are usually left-handed, and most cats, on the contrary, are right-handed.
Cats cannot climb a tree head down, as their claws grow in the wrong direction to do so.
According to legend, a cat crawled out of the mouth of a lion. This happened after Noah prayed to God that the rats would not eat food in his ark!

  • Cats can reach speeds of up to 50 km per hour, but only over short distances.
  • Cats have an amazing ability to survive after falling from a great height. These abilities are due to excellent reflexes and balance with the help of the inner ears, which helps them to fall exactly to their feet.
  • Cats love being petted, although some of the signals they give say they are not too interested in this. However, when the cat rubs his face against the owner, this is not a simple sign of affection, so they mark the person who belongs to them, and they do this through the smell of special glands located around their faces.
  • In Egypt, more than 300,000 mummified cats were found in the ancient Egyptian cemetery, unfortunately, they were found in 1888 and taken out of their packaging, then they were sent to England and the USA, where farmers used them as fertilizers!
  • In Europe and North America, a black cat is considered an unlucky sign, while in the UK and Australia, on the contrary, it is considered successful.
  • The smallest cat with a pedigree is called Singaporean – the breed weighs no more than 1.8 kg.
  • The largest cat is Maine Coon, their weight reaches 11.5 kg. Cats do not like to walk on water, as their fur cannot protect them from getting wet, like many other animals!

Cats retain their amazing traits and habits for centuries. With good care and care, cats can live very long, which means that they become part of the family. If you are thinking of having a kitten or cat, then you can think of a pet in one of your local animal shelters. Who knows, maybe one of these beautiful creatures will have a second chance?

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