20 Easy Step by Step Flower Drawings in Pencil


In this tutorial, we will look at drawing a beautiful flower with a pencil step by step. In fact, the flowers are all beautiful. Still, most believe that the most beautiful flower is a rose, so we will draw it. Below, I will give links to other lessons in drawing beautiful flowers and how to draw flowers beautifully with a pencil.

To draw a rosebud, care is required since its flower has many petals; let’s start drawing from the very middle, draw a spiral, and around it petals similar to the shape of a heart. Then we pull petals on the side, then there are a lot of petals on top, but they are barely visible, so they are small. We continue to draw; the petals will already be large. We carefully look at the scheme for drawing a flower. Then remove sepals under the bud.

The edges of the leaves of the rose are not smooth, so we make them in a slight zigzag to look like real ones. We completely shade the entire rose with a shadow, only in a light tone.

Look at the original; there are different shades on the petals, mainly at the base of the petals since the color does not get well. Therefore, we darken these places with a darker tone, just press harder on the pencil or take a softer one, for example, 4 or 6B.

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