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Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog – Dog expenses

Of course, a dog is a joy! But in addition to positive emotions, the dog requires our investments, both material and physical. Do not get the dog thoughtlessly! Approach the decision to acquire the dog responsibly so that it does not later appear on the street or in the shelter. Calculate your budget, estimate your free time. And this article about dog expenses will help you with this.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog - Dog expenses
Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog – Dog expenses

Dog expenses that require your time and effort

The mode of walking and feeding the first months of the puppy’s life.

This is required to more quickly train the dog to “toilet matters” on the street, as well as to provide the necessary load so that the dog’s energy does not go “in the wrong direction”, for example, to destroy your home.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog - Dog expenses
Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog – Dog expenses

You can’t walk with a dog! This is contrary to this type of animal. Even if you live in a house and you have a yard. A dog walks not only to do his own thing. About what the lack of walking can lead to, read more HERE >>

The load is intellectual and physical.

This is a necessary condition for any dog ​​to satisfy its vital needs and to prevent destructive behavior at home (property damage, uncleanliness, vocalization). This requires proper walking, where most of the dog’s needs are met. And providing the dog with intellectual games, search, activities on positive reinforcement.

Obedience classes.

Such classes teach the dog-specific commands, which allows you to use them in appropriate situations for the control, management, and safety of the dog. They are also aimed at establishing contact and understanding with the pet. And for the intellectual load that loads the dog faster than the physical.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog - Dog expenses
Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog – Dog expenses


Raising a dog, as well as raising a child, cannot be postponed, otherwise, then you will have to deal with the correction of behavior, which is at least twice as long and troublesome. It is necessary to start on time (as soon as the pet has appeared at your place) to teach the dog the rules of your house: what you can’t, what you can, set certain limits and boundaries.

Caring for the dog.

Some breeds need to comb out their hair, cut, trim, take out burdocks, smear from the sun.

Cash expenses for the dog


There is natural food, dry food, canned food. In all cases, it is important to provide the dog with all the necessary nutrients so that it does not have health problems, and you do not have to pay for its treatment due to improper feeding. Therefore, to feed the dog with anything and anyhow is not the best option.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog - Dog expenses
Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog – Dog expenses

The number of dogs with allergies, dogs of “fastidious”, etc. are also growing. All this requires cash. Sometimes it may be necessary to take additional tests and consult a veterinarian to draw up an individual nutrition program.


Unfortunately, no one is safe from anything. This is a cost item that you should always consider when you get an animal.


Someone may not vaccinate the animal – this is his choice. But in most countries, this is a necessary condition, punishable by a fine.

Treatment for parasites, deworming

Your business too. But for the safety of your pet and others should take care of this issue and timely processing.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog - Dog expenses
Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog – Dog expenses

Taxes and other similar expenses due to the country of residence

This expense item depends on the country of residence. Find out in advance what rules and laws you have for keeping animals.


You can train the dog yourself, if you have a lot of experience, – from books, materials on the Internet. But even pet owners with long experience often have situations that they cannot handle on their own. And also all dogs are individual, and if you managed to cope with past dogs independently or you were able to “close your eyes” to some inconvenience, this does not mean that this time will work out either. Therefore, be prepared for such expenses.

Overexposure, zoological hotel

There are different situations in our life when we need to leave for a while. It is good when some relatives or friends will take care of your pet for this time. But this is not always and not at all possible. Then do not forget to take this expense item into account.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog - Dog expenses
Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog – Dog expenses

Walker, dog nanny

Having a baby, an illness, a tight work schedule, repairs, moving a dog who has given birth, and having a sick dog can all become a reason why you cannot cope with all the burden that has been put on you. And then special people can come to the rescue, who will take the dog on foot and stay with it for a while. Great service, which is not scary to have a pet!

Everyone wants a comfortable walk. A pleasant walk is directly related to comfortable ammunition. Therefore, I do not recommend you spend money on tough, inhumane or glamorous, because this can lead to behavioral problems, to additional expenses for a zoopsychologist and simply not be safe. Instead, buy immediately the one that will make it easier for you to walk and even remove some problems of behavior, or will not lead to a correction. More about convenient and humane ammunition: leash >>, harness >>, collar >>, tape measure >>


Different toys needed:

  • when the puppy’s teeth itch,
  • to satisfy the need for cracking, extraction and search,
  • as a way out of boredom,
  • for intellectual workload,
  • to switch attention
  • as a soothing and relaxing method,
  • for sharing time with the owner.

Some toys can be made independently from improvised means, but some still have to be bought at the store. There should not be too many toys, otherwise, it will become addictive. Take away some toys for a while, and then get them out again.


Special canine “rattle” (deer horns, ears, hooves, bull penises, …) are necessary and important for dogs:

  • as a remedy for boredom,
  • teeth cleaning,
  • “scratch” the puppy’s teeth,
  • satisfy the need to nibble, lick.

You will need various goodies, home-made or purchased, to train the dog in commands, tricks, rules in the house, and behavior correction.

Litter, houses

Of course, you can just throw a rag on the dog. But not all dogs will do it. Many people like comfort, warmth, not clumping, “leaving” surfaces, with sides, closed, etc. etc. Choose your dog her place individually, because the dog’s place is her refuge; she should be comfortable there.

Groomer (for some breeds)

Some dogs by breed require periodic visits to the hairdresser. Not the fact that you can cut it (but if you can – super!). Keep this in mind when choosing a breed.


Heavily freezing or soiling dogs may need clothing in cold, rain, wind and snow.

Hygiene, care

Dogs have their nails clipped; they clean their eyes, ears, and anal glands. Well, if the owner can, wants and knows how to do it all himself – this is the best option! But if not, you will have to take the dog to the vet for these procedures.

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