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10 Cool and Interesting Facts about Budgie Birds and Parrots

Cool Facts about Parrots

Parrots are amazing creatures that differ not only in bright beauty but also in intelligence and quick wit. The variety of these birds is huge – from a tiny woodpecker to a giant macaw.

Which parrots are “smarter than everyone else” and which are decorated with the largest beak, which of the representatives of the “parrot genus” fly the fastest, and who are not capable of flying at all, which of the birds is famous for its outstanding abilities to sing and dance, and who has a vocabulary dozens of times exceed the vocabulary of Ellochka Schukina? Read about this and much more in the article “Interesting facts about parrots.”

10 Cool and Interesting Facts about Budgie Birds and Parrots
10 Cool and Interesting Facts about Budgie Birds and Parrots

The largest parrot

The world’s largest parrot is considered to be a hyacinth macaw – a very beautiful parrot with bright blue plumage and a distinctive yellow ring around the eyes. Some individuals reach a length of 1 meter, while giants weigh relatively little – 1.5-2 kg.

Black cockatoo can hardly compete with them – they reach a size of 60 cm and weigh about 1 kg. But the black cockatoo has the largest, up to 10 cm long, and powerful beak – it can easily bite the human finger. Not surprisingly, the word “cockatoo” in translation from Malay means “wire cutters.”

10 Cool and Interesting Facts about Budgie Birds and Parrots
10 Cool and Interesting Facts about Budgie Birds and Parrots

The smallest parrot

The tiniest are woodpeckers. The body length of an adult is 10 cm, and body weight is only 10-13 grams. Due to their miniature size, they are almost inaccessible for observation by scientists and for this reason, are poorly understood. They live in New Guinea.

10 Cool and Interesting Facts about Budgie Birds and Parrots
10 Cool and Interesting Facts about Budgie Birds and Parrots

The heaviest parrot

The hardest (but not the largest) is the kakapo parrot (or the owl parrot). The length of the cocoa body is about 60 cm, while the weight can reach four kilograms! These parrots have lost the ability to fly and lead mostly terrestrial life. But sometimes, apparently recalling their “feathery” origin, they climb to the tops of trees and plan from a distance of up to 50 meters. There are heavyweights in New Zealand.

By the way, in the USA, cacao is recognized as one of the ugliest animals. Paradoxically, here he is considered one of the most charming. Moreover, it smells. It does not stink, but it smells, you can say, perfume.

10 Cool and Interesting Facts about Budgie Birds and Parrots
10 Cool and Interesting Facts about Budgie Birds and Parrots

The most “bloodthirsty” parrot

Such a title was received by the kea parrot living in New Zealand. Local farmers can not stand these birds: supposedly, at night, birds attack the sheep and peck them to death. Indeed, the kea is the only parrot whose diet includes mutton, in addition to the usual nuts, fruits, cereals, and other vegetation. New Zealand residents make up the bloodthirstiness of kea legends and claim that they cause significant damage to sheep breeding. Researchers concluded that in each flock of kea 2-3 individuals are capable of killing a sheep. But according to scientists, this happens infrequently.

Besides, the kea is famous for its hooligan behavior and daring temper. You can learn more about these unique things from this article.

The most expensive parrot

The most expensive parrot in the world is the giant already mentioned by us – the Hyacinth Macaw. The price of a bird is more than 500 thousand rubles, which is explained by the incredible beauty of the parrot and its rarity. By the way, the hyacinth macaw is on the verge of extinction and is listed in the International Red Book. The culprits of the handsome’s disappearance are hunters and bird catchers who use them for commercial purposes.

The most capable parrot

Human speech can imitate several types of parrots. So, a cockatoo can remember up to four dozen words and several sentences. Lori is distinguished by the ability to reproduce fifty words and several sentences. And some wavy can repeat about 100 words, but they rarely speak sentences. But the smartest and most capable of learning is considered the parrot, the Jaco. There are cases when talkers not only learned more than 2,000 words but also pronounced them with different intonations corresponding to the topic of “conversation”.

The fastest parrot

Budgerigars received this nomination. These birds fly at a speed of 120 km / h, however, such a speed is short-lived and wolves use their abilities only when searching for food.

Interesting Facts about Budgies

In addition to being the fastest parrots, they are:

  • have been living in Australia for more than 5 million years;
  • have an auditory range of 400-20000 hertz;
  • can turn the head 180 degrees;
  • find a couple once and for a lifetime;
  • can live up to 20 years;
  • they have color vision, and in a second they see up to 150 images, which is ten times more than a person sees;
  • their colors can only be white, blue, green, yellow and gray;
  • an adult parrot weighs about 30 g, and a chick is born weighing only about 2 g;
  • their normal body temperature is 41 ° C;
  • their heartbeats at a frequency of 200 times per minute;
  • they need about 12 hours to sleep.

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